Say Goodbye to Plastic and Embrace "Natural"


At OGL, designing our products, began with a simple question:
Could we find a better way to be more environmentally friendly as a sustainable fashion brand, go zero waste, and make quality clothing that is plastic free?

We decided that we could.
Then, our the company, posed another:
Can we find a better way to bring a change to global plastic pollution crisis? 

Our Story

If we describe environmental pollution as a disease, Earth as a human, can we still be optimistic to keep Earth as it is? Fact is, the one who should be responsible for global pollution crisis was never average person jogging around the block for exercise. It is the way we live that is who's causing this. The scarcity of natural resources will eventually result the lost of the balanced in ecological environment.

Perhaps, we are less concerned about the loss of forest.

Perhaps, we are less concerned about the loss of water and soil.

Perhaps, we are less concerned about the world above us.

But we can't avoid the fact that our rivers has been polluted, the atmosphere we breathe has been polluted and how humans have impacted the ecosystems. And if we continue to ignore it, not only will mother nature suffer, but the future of the planet will have a serious impact on our daily lives. What can we drink besides water? What can we breath besides air?

This is where OGL comes in. Our journey begins with a mission, to create a fashion brand dedicate to a greener world.

Our Mission

Our Values

Natural Fabric for a Sustainable Life

Better Material for a More Sustainable Planet

OGL believes in designing the comfiest clothes and using sustainable materials, with the smallest environmental footprint possible. We pay close attention to the fabrics and materials we use in our production process—so you can feel good about your purchase. Our fabric are certified by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard). So, you can trust that everything you wear is is responsibly sourced, proven quality, and biodegradable.

Let's Make A Change Together

We believe small steps add up to big changes, shop sustainably lead us to a Greener Earth