Comfort in every style
Feel good in what you wear.
At OGL, we make premium women’s clothing using soft, comfortable fabrics derived from
sustainable materials.


Every woman knows the struggle of finding clothes that are comfortable, durable, and stylish enough for everyday wear. That’s why we set out to design our own line of womenswear.
Whether you’re dressing for a 9-to-5 or happy hour or something in between, our collections are engineered from high-tech, sustainably sourced fabrics that are so soft and durable that you’ll want to wear them 24/7.
Even better, they’re 100% plastic-free and manufactured to leave behind the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Our Mission

Comfort doesn’t have to destroy our planet.

Plastic pollution is destroying ecosystems, accelerating our climate crisis, and leaching harmful toxins into our air and water supply. Pretty soon, we might not be able to call our world “home” unless we make big changes to the way we produce and consume goods.
That’s why OGL is committed to making production choices that prioritize our planet. This includes:

Our Values

Premium comfort for all-day, everyday wear.
We make comfortable, lightweight clothing you’ll
love to wake up in and wear throughout the day
— because apparel is just one component of a
sustainable lifestyle.
100% plastic-free and biodegradable textiles.
Everything you wear should last for years— but not thousands of years. Our clothes are made with a range of Global Recycled Standard- certified biodegradable materials that are highly durable but won’t clog up a landfill.
Environmental impact is our end game.
We believe that businesses not only have the resources to address our environmental crisis, but also a moral responsibility. We’re keeping our sleeves rolled up because there’s still a lot of work to do.


100% biobased and compostable fabric engineered from renewable sources.


Cashmere-like Dralon® Material with heat-retention properties.


Comfortable and flexible everyday denim made from natural wood fiber.


Silky, soft rayon material derived from from tree and plant pulp.

Our Collections
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