Natural Sensation

Originate from nature, back to nature. If you are looking for the most Eco-friendly and comfortable fabric, this is definitely your pick, it’s a touch from nature.

Plantive™ is a fabric made of Wood-Based cellulosic fiber. Extracted from certified wood sources, it is super soft and smooth, giving a natural feel. It also has an extremely comfortable and breathing effect. An excellent four-way stretch, brings the best comfort. From the sustainable point of view, it is biodegradable, fully achieve “giving back where it is taken”.

Plantive™️ fibres are made from sustainably-managed and renewable plantations.

Moist to Skin,
Because of Pure

Because We Care

Safe, Because
We're Professional

Come from Nature

A gift from sustainably-managed plantations and makes more and more comfortable apparel from start to use.

Breathable & Absorbent

With natural breathability and absorbency, it can absorb sweats quickly and keep skin dry, delivering a naturally cool feeling.

Resistant to Static Electricity

lt can prevent static electricity in dry seasons because the fibre has a relatively high moisture content, remedying the problem.

Comfortable & Stylish

Natural wood cellulose fibre features inherent properties of excellent comfortableness and drapability, allowing you to move freely.

Less Hairiness &
Resistant to Pilling

Advanced technologies produce fibre with higher tenacity, ensuring comfortable experience after long-time wearing.

Life Cycle Sustainability Management

Best in class technology and manufacturing processes only for the well-being of you and the planet. Adopt best practices model of sustainable production to ensure manufacturing processes meet the strictest environmental protection, safety and social responsibility standards.

The principle of sustainability is woven into OGL’s every step.