Brami Tops


What are the differences between a brami top and a regular top? At first glance, a brami top may seem inconspicuous, with just an added pair of built-in breast pads. But never underestimate the power of these built-in breast pads. They can completely transform your wearing experience compared to other ordinary tops.

The first advantage of a bra top is, of course, the convenience it offers by eliminating the need for wearing a separate bra. Especially in hot summers, the straps of your underwear can dig into your skin, making you sweat more easily, with the sweat running down along the straps, soaking your clothes—a situation none of us want to experience because it can be quite embarrassing!

Secondly, a brami top provides support for your breasts without the need to wear an additional bra, reducing the burden on your shoulders and preventing discomfort. Our breast pads have undergone numerous improvements to meet the needs of women with larger busts and can provide excellent support.

Moreover, the built-in breast pads of our bramis can help maintain a straighter chest line, so you don't have to worry about your breasts sagging or bouncing after wearing them.

We have many designs of built-in bra tops to choose from, such as camis with bras, tank with bras, tube top with bra, etc. We also have many different fabrics, for example, in our summer series alone we have Plantive® fabrics, eco-skinkiss® fabrics, acetate fabrics and Tencel fabrics. You can find the one that suits you best at OGLmove!

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