Take Care of the Earth, Starting with Water-Soluble Plastic Bags

Take Care of the Earth, Starting with Water-Soluble Plastic Bags



Do you know how much plastic waste humans put out every year? According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), approximately 80 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year, which is equivalent to the amount of garbage dumped into the ocean by a garbage truck every minute.


These plastic wastes have a serious impact on wild organisms, ecosystems and human health, and we urgently need to take some actions to reduce the damage caused by plastic waste to the environment and wildlife. This is why we advocate the use of water-soluble bags.


Reduce Plastic Pollution:



Traditional plastic bags often take hundreds of years to decompose, releasing toxic chemicals in the process that cause long-term environmental pollution. However, unlike water-soluble bags, they can be completely degraded in water in a short time, reducing pollution to the ocean and soil. Imagine if more and more people used water-soluble bags instead of traditional plastic bags. We will greatly reduce the burden of plastic waste on the earth and make our homes cleaner and more beautiful.


Protect the Wild Animal:



Plastic waste poses a serious threat to wildlife. Marine animals often ingest plastic bags, causing suffocation, digestive tract obstruction and even death. Land animals are also often entangled in plastic bags, causing injuries or even death. But the use of water-soluble bags can significantly reduce the occurrence of these tragedies. Because they degrade quickly in water, they reduce harm to wildlife.


OGL has been walking on the road of zero plastic. We have fully used biodegradable PVC corn fiber water-soluble bags (dissolved in water at room temperature of 25℃), which means that we have successfully achieved the goal of zero plastic in packaging materials. However, we firmly believe that this is not enough. Our next goal is to achieve zero plastic in clothing buttons, and strive to achieve zero plastic in all clothing accessories (zippers, sewing threads, etc.) by 2025.


Within each of our human capabilities, take action to protect the planet and wildlife. Choosing to use water-soluble bags is not only a contribution to the environment, but also a care for our future generations. Let us start from now on and actively advocate and practice the use of water-soluble bags to make the earth cleaner and allow wild animals to live safer. Protecting the environment and protecting wild animals is protecting ourselves as humans.