A Letter to Our OGL Community

A Letter to Our OGL Community

a thank you letter

We know there are many choices out there when it comes to where you shop, but you singled us out and that means A LOT to us! So on behalf of the entire OGL team, we want to thank you for being valuable and loyal customers. You have contributed immensely to our growth, and we are so grateful for that.

 Two years ago, OGL was founded under a mission to create comfortable, sustainable, and innovative apparel for you. Today, we are proud to have been able to keep our initial goal. Our commitment to Mother Earth will always be the same: sustainable, zero-waste, and plastic-free. OGL is always doing everything we can to live up to SDGS's sustainable standards. Learn more about the sustainable standards.


We’re improving OGL daily. As we design and grow our brand, we believe in designing the comfiest clothes and using sustainable materials, with the smallest environmental footprint possible. It may sound cliché, but everyday we are impressed and amazed by the thoughts and insights you shared with us. Your feedback has helped us do better. At OGL, here are five standards we strictly abide by:

Fair Wages:We always keep social fairness in mind, respecting human values and dignity. We are able to maintain the best business practices for our OGL staffs, guaranteeing living wages, safe working conditions, and fair treatment. We also provide educational sponsorship and health insurance, because taking care of the Mother Earth also means supporting the people on it too! 

Strive for equality. At OGL, we are all about empowerment. 60% of our management and shareholders are women. OGL also provides job opportunities for people with disabilities. Remember our cute and lovely recycled Scrunchies? They were all made with rescued deadstock fabrics by women with disabilities, and 100% of the profit from this project gets donated to charity! In everything OGL does, we are dedicated to create a culture that reflects our mission to empower through opportunities. 

Save water.When it comes to minimizing water pollution at OGL, we focus very heavily on two components: reduce overall usage of water, along with produce less waste-water during different stages of production. For example, the water consumption for the production of our Eco-friendly Eco-Mousse fabric is much less than the irrigation of cotton fields. We are committed to keeping our business practices as transparent as possible. 

Free of plastic. OGL has always cared for the global marine environment. We always insist on being “plastic-free’’ from our materials to our packaging. We recycle plastic from the ocean and re-use them into making our fabrics & other products. A special thanks goes to Kalani, as she is one of OGL’s ambassadors, who initiated a beach clean-up with her friends.

Use of organic materials. OGL is always dedicated to source and uselow-impact materials, including our Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Viscose, Tencel™ and Ecocosy ® (FSC certified). In 2022, 70% of the fabric OGL uses is sustainable and eco-friendly. We are aiming for 85% in 2025. Learn more about our sustainability Lab

Next steps for OGL

As a new sustainable brand, OGL still has a long way to go. We are not perfect, and we truly appreciate all support and love. We have ambitious targets for our growth, with a 100% sustainability aim in the back of our minds. We love our planet and together with you we know we will be able to have a great and positive impact.

Once again, we appreciate every single one of our customers. We wouldn’t be what we are without you. All of us at OGL are thankful for you, and we will continue working to honor the trust you place in OGL by standing by our mission.   

If there is anything we can ever do better, please don’t hesitate to let us know: service@oglmove.com