Beach Clean Up Experience from the OGL community

Beach Clean Up Experience from the OGL community

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Do you know how much trash we can create while we are enjoying the summer time on the beach? 200 million tons every year in the ocean. 

It is important to reduce the impact while we are enjoying the beach.

Kalani, as one of the ambassadors of the OGL community, approached a beach clean up with her friends this weekend. 

They had a good time together, and most importantly, the environment gets better.  

Kalani Philips, as the representative for this clean up, is a Ph.D. student studying public health, plus a UC Global Health Institute student ambassador. 

OGL Team is honored to have her and her colleagues the clean-up and share their ideas on protecting the environment.

Why is environmental cleanup important?

Human health as well as the health of other animals can be negatively impacted through contamination and pollution. 

For instance, fish off the coast of Florida have been found to test positive for pharmaceutical drugs, and microplastics have been found in human blood for the first time.

These facts highlight a critical problem with human contamination and pollution in our environment. It is imperative that more regulatory policies be made to protect our planet. 

Until then, we can all help by cleaning up our beaches to reduce plastic pollution. This problem is becoming more and more urgent with each day. 

What are some of the facts you feel people should know about environmental public health?

How our built environment impacts our overall health is the one that people should definitely be more aware of. 

Living near factories, freeways, or warehouses, may emit pollutants that in time, can result in poor health outcomes for disadvantaged nearby communities. 

Individuals living in those areas have a greater risk of developing chronic diseases or illnesses, such as asthma, heart disease, and high blood pressure. 

I encourage everyone to listen to climate scientists and learn about ways to advocate for their own health as well as the health of others and our planet. 

How did you feel after the cleanup?

I felt really excited that I had friends I could count on to do this with me; that actually cared about the environment. 

It was a really fun bonding activity for us! I also felt really appreciative to be a part of the OGLmove community. 

It’s not every day that you find brands willing to both practice and promote sustainability. I’m glad I got to partner with them on this!

What does 'sustainability' mean to you?

Sustainability to me means developing long-lasting, equitable, effective solutions that only contribute to increasing our quality of life and improving health outcomes for everyone over time. 

Meeting our own needs without compromising the needs of others and those of future generations. Finding solutions that are good for our planet, and for all life inhabiting it. 

What are the ways you normally do to reduce your daily impact on the environment? 

I use a reusable water bottle and recycle as much as I can. I am learning to compost too! 

Taking part in a beach or neighborhood cleanup is a great way to make an instant difference for the environment. 

You can help safeguard the ocean and marine life from dangerous marine debris by removing trash before it enters our inland and coastal waters.

OGL will continue to organize more events to inspire action to protect the earth we rely on, with the goal of spreading the mission and raising awareness about environmental issues through various means of cleanup and communication.


Appreciate All The Participants:

1.Roselyn Tanghal @rosetanghal
2.Tessa Pulido @its_tesstess
3.Lauren Nguyen @lrnngyn
4.Brittanie Le @brittanie_le
5. Christine Nguyen @chrstnenguyen
6. Kalani Phillips @kalanilanilani