At OGL, we make premium women’s clothing using soft and comfortable fabrics derived from sustainable materials. We strictly manage everything we do to meet the principle of being plastic-free and sustainable


OGL uses sustainable materials and fabrics manufactured from the unique closed-loop system following our recycle, reuse, and plastic-free principles. Our clothes are made with materials that are certified biodegradable and compostable.

Social Contributiont

Project Renascence

OGL partners with a disabilities non-profit organization.
By providing skills training and education, people with disabilities are able to create sustainable fashion accessories from fabric surplus.
Project Renascence provides job opportunities and helps people with disabilities to implement continuous actions and identify changes for psychological problems in their community.

1% For The Planet

OGL is part of the 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of our revenues to nonprofits that strive to protect the environment.


OGL strives to push our daily practices as sustainably as we can. That‘s why we only partner with supplie who share the same values as us, so we can be as transparent as we can in our “Transparency Disclose”.

All of our suppliers are required to read and follow the “OGL Suppliers Social & Environmental Responsibilities Guidance” prior to our partnership. We ensure the partnership follows high standards in fair labor practices,safe working conditions, and environmental responsibilities.