Sustainable Guide To Coachella 2022

Sustainable Guide To Coachella 2022

Coachella 2022

Coachella 2022 is getting closer! And it is commencing fast!!!

As we rapidly approach to one of the best weekends of the year, the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival marks the start of festival season and with it come the eye-catching outfits from top to bottom. A lot of Coachella attendees will be able to enjoy a huge variety of food and drinks, games, vintage market, beauty styling studios, live music and etc. You can also camp at the event.

Feeding into the fast fashion cycle, festival fashion has long been an exciting part douse yourself in sparkles, then never wear any of it again, either because it’s already fallen apart or because, let’s be honest, that sequin jumpsuit will never be appropriate anywhere other than the festival.

As one of the most popular music festivals in the world, Coachella isn’t ignoring its duty to do its part for the planet. It has launched a range of initiatives to become more environmentally friendly, has ensure to minimized its environmental footprint. So should we!

Aside from Coachella’s official sustainable initiatives, here are some OGL sustainable tips for keeping you sexy,cool and sustainable this Coachella Weekend.

Travel - Friendly

Ever heard of carpoolchella? That is, if you fill ride with 4 or more friend, not only are you helping minimize your footprint but you also have the chance to win awesome prizes, like backstage tickets or even VIP-for-Life! Not driving? Great! Why not get a Coachella shuttle pass and travel with others(new/old friends). Not only does this save your money transporting(so you can buy more drinks), but this is an easy way to cut down on your footprint.


Water is essential for everyone, reduce the use of plastic bottle is essential for making this planet sustainable. So why not consider bring your own bottle. Not only will it ensure that you won’t get dehydrated, but it will help reduce the amount of waste caused by hundreds of thousands of people buying plastic bottles on the grounds. If you end up buying a single-use plastic water bottle, bring it to the Coachella Waste Gang to exchange for points! If you and your piers help collecting 10 bottles(even if it doesn’t belongs to you), don’t forget you can exchange them into a new ice cold water(through 10 For 1 Bottle Exchange).


Get colorful

SkinKiss™ Comfy Attractive Slinky Spaghetti Halter Neck Crop Top

There’s no standard when it comes to planning your Coachella outfit. While black and white may be the first pick. Why not consider making you look freshy and flirty by choose other colors. Pair our SkinKiss™ top and turn yourself into a beauty. This top bring perfect stretching effect which allows you move like a Jagger.

Why NOT Comfy & Cute

IcyAir™ Square Neck Curved Hem Square Neck Corset Tank-Cobalt Blue

There’s nothing worse than being in at an incredibly fun even and being uncomfortable in your outfit. You want to be able to shake without a care in the world. Match our newly IcyAir™ top in your daily outfit and experience an icing effect on hot summer.

Long-lasting fabrics

Ecosy™ Wood Cellulose Organic Rib Cutaway Tank Top

It’s gonna be hot! So make sure you wear something that allows those beautiful breezes to refresh you when they come through. A classic Ecosy™ top will best meet your need, an organic fabric sustainably made from wood source. They are extremely comfortable and breathable, plus, they are your every pick so you can wear them daily.

While there are so many other sustainable tips for this 2022 Coachella Festival. The key to this is, HAPPINESS! So, go out there and express yourself and your comfest, whatever you feel most comfortable with will be the best option for best vibe. Have fun in this upcoming Coachella and we would love to see the amazing moments over Instagram and TikTok, don’t forget to tag us on @OGLmove_ (Instagram) and @OGLmove (TikTok)! And most importantly, stay safe, have fun and be sustainable!