OGLmove - 2023 Annual Report

OGLmove - 2023 Annual Report


Welcome to OGL's annual report. As a company committed to sustainability and social responsibility, we are proud to showcase our achievements and highlights from the past year. This report will demonstrate our efforts under the ESG framework from four aspects: environmental protection, product innovation, consumers and communities, and talent management.


Environmental Protection


water-soluble bags


In 2023, OGL has embraced the core values of zero plastic and zero waste. We used 208,303 water-soluble bags, protected 12,498.18 square meters of land (with an average of 0.06 square meters of land polluted by each plastic bag), and reduced 416,606 kgs of carbon emissions (calculated based on the emission of 2 kgs for each plastic bag used).



As in previous years, OGL has donated 1% of the annual sales to the international environmental organization "1% for the Planet" for the protection of the earth's environment and resources. Additionally, another 1% will be allocated for other charitable donations. Ultimately, OGL has successfully fulfilled the formal and ongoing commitment of donating 2% of the total revenue to support various charitable causes.


Product Innovation



When it comes to product innovation, we have been insisting on redefining fashion with sustainable, high-quality basics that combine timeless elegance, comfort, and versatility. We believe that better fabrics and production processes are key to extending the life of our products. Wearing high-quality clothing multiple times is an environmentally friendly practice, underscoring the importance of classic, durable, and versatile designs. Through communication with over 1,000 customers, we discovered that more than 80% of them consider OGL clothing as their TOP 1 for daily wear. On average, each piece of clothing undergoes more than 20 washes throughout its lifespan, with an annual usage level.


In 2024, OGL has a wish – to help consumers around the world deal with clothes that no longer fit. We plan to launch a clothing trade-in program and donate recycled clothing to third-party countries in need.



At the same time, sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics are also key. During 2023, we achieved a breakthrough in the Eco-Skinkiss® fabric. Our current main environmentally friendly fabrics include Eco-mousse®, Eco-Skinkiss®, Eco-MiyaMoon®, Plantive™, and IcyAir®. Focusing on these fabrics, we launched a total of 100+ styles last year and served a total of 71,975 customers.

Under normal circumstances, a piece of clothing will cause 5 kilograms of carbon emissions, but thanks to OGL's fabric technology, each piece of clothing can reduce carbon emissions by nearly half on average, which means we have effectively reduced carbon emissions by approximately 266,076 kgs.


Consumers and Communities



In 2023, OGL has specially designed for people with autism, and 1% of the sales of that month will be donated to the local autism association. At the same time, we provide job opportunities for 8 people with disabilities through 'Project Renascence', and donate 100% of the income from the hair scrunchies produced to non-profit organizations for people with disabilities.


We continue our care for breast cancer patients by donating 900 beanies made of Eco-Mousse® fabric. In terms of marine hygiene, we have invited community ambassadors to organize beach clean-ups in an ongoing effort to protect our marine environment.


Talent Management




As of 2023, OGL provides equal employment opportunities, with 75% of employees being women. We are committed to comprehensive training of employees, promoting personal development, and providing each employee with 1 promotion opportunity every year.


OGL will continue to uphold our values and concepts in 2024, and is committed to providing consumers with more environmentally friendly products and better services, while continuing to contribute to the community. Thank you for reading.