How Plastics Affect Our Ocean

How Plastics Affect Our Ocean

Plastic bottles on the beach

Have you ever wonder if a small change in life could make a big change to the world?

Plastic pollution is a serious crisis, which causing great damage to our ecosystem. Such as ocean, rain forest and etc. We have already noticed that if we do not take this matter seriously, our actions will bounce back to us. 

We’ve all seen scenes regarding abandoned plastic bags dumped in the oceans, and plastic debris messing all over beaches. Plastic pollution crisis has become one of the most important environmental crisis man kind can not be ignored.

Damage to our ocean

Plastics decompose very slowly, especially the waste that accumulates in the ocean and beaches, which is very harmful to birds, fish and other marine living species. Studies shown plastic has already outweighs plankton in our seas, plastic could even outweigh marine life in the near future.

Governments has made a response to it, with implementing Single-use-plastics(SUPs) ban to reduce the use of plastic products. On the other hand, US has make July “Plastic Pollution Action Month.” This furthers the momentum of an existing international movement called “Plastic Free July,” which challenge individuals to reduce their plastic use.

In one recent study, researchers from the UK, US and Australia has sampled all species of sea turtle around the globe, their finding that each species had ingested plastic, estimating that half of all sea turtles had already been ingested. For those plastic residues eaten by animals, they are fed back through the food chain and return to our tables, eventually causing harm to human health. 

This was the inspiration for our plastic free soluble packing bag. In particular, we are inspired by the plight of marine wildlife, our neighbors on this blue planet who’ve inherited the problem we created.

How we did it

As one of the participants in sustainable fashion brands, OGL follows the principle of "zero waste" and "we don't just take, make and waste, but take, make, upgrade and restore". In response to the "Plastic free" Act, the use of plastic-free soluble packaging bags was adopted to gradually reduce the use of plastic bags and become more environmentally friendly. Please check below our video on how it works:

Let's save our ocean

For our sake, and for the sake of our marine neighbors, we must do better. We have to  work together for a more “zero waste” and “sustainable” life style, starting by plastic free. It is our duty to protect one of the greatest natural resource we had. We have created tremendous plastic pollution in the oceans. But we, too, can overwrite this plastic pollution crisis.

We hope our plastic free soluble packaging bag serves as a small reminder in your daily life that we all have choices that add up to big change and if we don’t act now, the waters that surround us may never recover.