Green Tips World Environmental Day

Green Tips World Environmental Day

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5th June we welcome the 50th years since the united Nations lauched WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY in 1972, an initiative raising much-needed awareness of environmental issues across the globe. It's a great opportunity to remind us on how our impacts on the environmental footprint and how we can do better.

Start making a difference today with our guide of action items to make this world greener.

1. Recycle - Remake - Reuse

We've left far more footprint while developing, leaving billions of trash out there harming this planet. It's time to turn recycle into habbit. What could be more environmental friendly than reducing the stress of earth by turn trash into something useful.

This WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY, we've decided to recycle plastic bottles out there and turn them into hundreds Reuseable tote bags, and distribute them away as a free sustainable gift to the OGL community on all order over $69 between 28th May - 6th June, .

2. SAVE energy

Ever think about how reduce consuming energy can be more sustainable? Reduce the usage reduces the demand for fossil fuels and, in turn, lower the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The result? reduce global warming. So why not get into the habit of saving as much energy as you can. For example, turn off electrical devices when not needed, set computer screens to sleep mode when you are not using it, change lightbulbs into energy efficient ones and so much more!

3. SAVE paper

Since tree and water are the raw materials to produce paper, with the amount of paper human use every year, the number in consuming water and tree are unimaginable. IT IS TIME TO TAKE THIS SERIOUS, it's time to stop harming earth on unnecessarily need. USE RECYCLE PAPER! They only takes 70% less energy to produce than new paper. Or else, try go online! Get into the habbit of start archiving your files online instead of printing them out, use digital media kit to market your business instead of printing borchures, and other ways to reduce the use of paper.

4. Plant a TREE

We've taken far too much from this planet, but less amount of people know how to give back! Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and bring a range of benefits such as improved air quality. So why not plant if you can, it only cost less than a Latte to make this earth a more sustainable place. So move a step forward, as we believe small steps add up to big change. Together we can build a better place to live in. 

Creating a greener and more environmentally WORLD can be achievable, no matter how big or small, by implementing a few simple change. We all can make a sustainable move as long as we love this planet. To achieve this goal, it's important for us to act more but consume less. Let's act together to reduce the stress of this planet.