The innovative of Eco-Mousse is a combination of Darlon® , regenerated cellulose of Viscose and cotton fiber. Eco-Mousse fabric is weighted the golden ratio of 260G, a perfect combination for your warmth and softness.

Originated from Bayer, Germany, giving you the feeling like cashmere.

Derived from the ultra-fine thermal fibers from Bayer, Germany, Eco-mousse as an absorbent heating fiber has a great heat-retaining ability, keeping you warm in winter like cashmere.

Why Eco-mousse


Eco-mousse fabric is certified by the testing agency that it can heat up to 6.9°C


High-bulkiness 1dtex microfiber has a smooth surface is rich in Hydrophilic Groups, and can effectively restrain the static electricity between the skin and fabric in winter.


Water consumption: Compared to the water used in producing other fiber, the production of Eco-mousse® requires very little water.


Eco-mousse’s Thermal Tech garments are lightweight, comfortable, and available in multiple colors. Supremely comfortable as an inner layer and fashionable enough to style on its own or as a layering piece. Our Eco-mousse Thermal pieces will keep you warm all winter long.