Natural and Skin Friendly Materials

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Why it matters?

Apart from oil, fashion and textile industry is the second largest industry that distribute the most carbon emission. The result? Consequently accelerating climate change and pollution, making it  difficult for living species to survive on this planet.  

Which is why we’ve committed to finding and sourcing the most sustainable fibers and materials we could. We always aim to provide the most comfortable, great-fitting and long-lasting product for our customer. On the other hand, for our environment, we always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our materials are environmentally and ethically sourced, we are proud that what we are offering to our customer are not just what’s best for them but also for our planet.


Eco-Mousse™ is a fabric made of Dralon acrylic fiber with proven quality. The cashmere-like touch provides an excellent skin experience in terms of softness and comfort.



1.Naturally breathable.

2.Anti-static & anti pilling combines to a enhanced durability.

3.Four way stretch provides the ultimate comfort experience.

4.Great heal-retention ability.

Fabric Content:

38% Rayon

38% Rayon

29% Cotton

4% Spandex

Sustainable Material

Let's Make A Change Together

We believe small steps add up to big changes, shop sustainably lead us to a GREENER EARTH.