Our New Fabrics: Plantive™ and IcyAir™

Our New Fabrics: Plantive™ and IcyAir™

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In 2020, OGL was founded and has been on a mission to make the world a more comfortable and sustainable place since. Over the past two years, we have dedicated efforts toward making a real impact in the sustainable clothing space. At a worldwide level, our team is hard at work everyday to de-stigmatize the fashion industry and create more sustainable fabrics for clothing.

That is why we created our OGL Innovative Lab, which was built to develop the finest and the most sustainable materials for clothing. We want to make sure our practices fulfill our commitment to Mother Earth: sustainable, zero-waste, and plastic-free. OGL Innovative Lab is a hub for dreamers and doers, where we can implement our thoughts and ideas. It is also a space for inventors, who are trying to make ideas come true. 

When it comes to innovative materials, we are committed to doing everything environmentally friendly by doing things as nature does: nurture, produce, and reuse. Inspired by the diversity in our ecosystems, we use materials that consider sustainable, functional, and purposeful. We would like to introduce two new fabrics that we innovated:

Plantive™ - Explore your comfortable journey

Our patented Plantive™ fabric is a biodegradable fabric that performs exceptionally well in terms of softness, breathability, and stretchiness. It gives an ultimate comfort experience to your skin, and it's as soft as a touch from nature. Plantive™ fabric is responsibly sourced and responsibly made, its raw materials are wood sourced from an FSC certified wood farm, which eventually turns into wood fiber. We believe that the usual sourcing process of natural resources is cruel to our environment, thus we decide to create our own alternative that is friendly to your skin and the environment.

IcyAir™ - The coolest touch in summer

Our IcyAir™ is a fabric made from plantation fiber, implementing our industry-leading cooling technology. It is a fabric that cools your body down in summer with breathable and lightweight materials. Since we can’t be sitting in air-conditioned rooms forever, our IcyAir™ helps you stay cool all summer. IcyAir™ has adopted nylon fiber which dissipates heat effectively, and with the use of nanotechnology, it also dries quickly.

OGL is hard at work doing everything we can to make a difference in the fashion industry. We know that there are other dreamers and doers out there when it comes to sustainable clothing. We believe only those who dare to make a difference in the world can make a difference to the world, we are courageous at turning the impossible into reality, and will never stop pursuing innovative and scientific materials. If there is anything we can ever do better, please reach us at service@oglmove.com.