What Clothes Can Make You Stay Cool in the Heat?

With extreme weather becoming increasingly common, finding solutions to combat the summer heat has become a pressing issue. Choosing the right clothing can help you stay cool and prevent excessive sweating, even when outdoors without air conditioning.


Does the Color of Clothes Matter?


We often instinctively believe that light-colored clothes, especially white, keep us cooler than dark-colored clothes. But is this really true? White clothes do reflect sunlight, unlike dark clothes such as black, which absorb light and increase the skin's temperature. However, recent research has shown that while white clothes reflect external sunlight, they also reflect the body's heat back to us, potentially raising our perceived temperature. Therefore, the color of clothes may not be as crucial as you think. This can be observed in Bedouins, who wear loose black robes in the desert.

Fabric is Crucial


Before choosing fabrics, you need to understand the key characteristics that help keep you cool:

Breathability: Breathable clothes allow air to flow between the inside and outside of the garment, preventing heat from being trapped. This involves a form of heat transfer known as convection, where heat is transferred through the movement of liquids or gases. In other words, when the wind blows across your body, breathable clothing allows the air to carry away the heat from your skin.

Moisture-Wicking: Our bodies regulate temperature through sweating, which is a cooling mechanism. This is due to another form of heat transfer known as phase change, where heat is transferred through the change of state of a substance. Moisture-wicking clothes can absorb sweat and evaporate it quickly, aiding in body cooling.

Considering these two characteristics, I recommend the following three fabrics:



Cotton is one of the most common summer fabrics due to its ideal properties for hot weather. Its excellent breathability promotes air circulation and helps dissipate heat from the skin. Additionally, its outstanding moisture-wicking ability quickly absorbs sweat and keeps the skin dry. Cotton also offers superb softness, ensuring comfort even for close-fitting garments.



Tencel, an eco-friendly fabric, not only shares the strong breathability and moisture-wicking properties of cotton but also has excellent natural antibacterial properties. Its smooth fibers reduce bacterial growth, keeping clothes fresh and clean. Furthermore, Tencel's smooth surface minimizes friction against the skin, preventing discomfort, which is especially important for those with sensitive skin.



If you prefer fabrics with a sheen, acetate is the best choice for summer. It also provides moisture-wicking and breathability, helping your skin dissipate heat and absorb sweat to keep your body dry. Acetate offers a soft and smooth feel, enhancing comfort. For formal occasions, an acetate dress is a great choice.

Choosing the right fabric can help you stay cool and comfortable in hot weather, even without air conditioning. Prioritize breathability and moisture-wicking properties to find the best options for your summer wardrobe.