What She Said

"I am very easy to allergy when it comes to certain fabric. Most of the clothes that I brought from fast fashion brands are cheap and rough. It's neither breathable nor skin-friendly, and my skin is always itchy. Not only because of that, it is adding waste to the earth when i can only wear the clothes from cheap fast fashion brand once. Therefore, I am looking for clothes that are high value for money, comfortable fabric, safe for my skin, durable, and can be worn in a variety of occasions."

We Heard That

At OGL, we make premium women's clothing using soft, comfortable fabrics derived from sustainable materials.
The Eco-SkinKiss® collection we designed is aimed to satisfy your fashion and personality needs, while also providing extra softness and long-lasting comfort through premium fabrics. What's more, with a low environmental impact in mind, this fabric is made from tree and plant pulp.