Here we are, the OGL Fabric Lab. We are majored in innovating sporty casual fabrics that perfectly suit the climate in Europe and America, by collaborating with the world-known textile institutes.
Our Products is meant to be worn everywhere through the year, with our unique Eco-Cloud™ fabric.
Inspired by the comfort of lying on the cloud, Eco-Cloud is extremely soft and fine-finished.


OGL Fabric Extra

This Eco-Cloud™ contains 60% Combed Cotton with 38% Reborn cellulose fiber  and 2% Lycra. There is a layer of fine fluff on the surface because of the special soften technology, which gives you the smoothest touch as if you just got across the cloud. Perfect for home stay and medium/low strength exercise.

We believe that the real comfort is to feel free physically and mentally, which means the garments of yours should give you double comforts visually and tactilely.
OGL always pursues a comfortable sense. We dedicate to create the fabrics that make you obsessed with.