1. Is OGL 100% plastic free?

As a new brand, we make mistakes like others did. We admit that some of our products includes Acrylic. However, our goals are clear, we will never stop pursuing plastic free. As to the use of soluble bags in replacement to plastic bags, we constantly look for ways in replace/reduce any unsustainable materials, we aim to eliminate the use of plastic by 2025.

2. How do OGL governance its manufacturing suppliers to ensure they are ethics and sustainable?

At OGL, we only partner with those who align to our values, and aim to develop a sustain relationship with them as long as we exist. We strictly follow any applicable laws and regulations(Such as FLA,FLSA,SDG and etc) to ensure social and environmental are the principles at our sustainable practices. Simultaneously, we strictly require our suppliers follow our “OGL Environmental and Social Responsibilities Guidance”, this allow us to ensure our suppliers meets our high standards in terms of fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibilities.

On the other hand, we prioritize partnerships with suppliers who holds additional industry certification that proven they are hard at work at reduce their environmental footprint. These certifications include: Oeko-TEX, GRS and FSC and etc.

3. What is “vegan” fabric means?

By definition, veganism is a way of living in which people exclude, as mush as possible, all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty. OGL in this case, is a veganism in the fashion industry. We exclude, as much as possible, all forms of materials (e.g plastics) which causing harm to the environment.