Why We Join 1% For The Planet

As an apparel brand take serious focus on how to do better for this planet, our passion about sustainability is what lead us to discover ways to contribute for this planet constantly. Last year, with the help of our partners and community, we are able to have numerous impacts on the planet. But we believe we can contribute more, this year we've decided to do more to have a positive impact. We are looking to write more about environmental topics, put more work on our "Renascence" project and pay more attention at environmental friendly fabric R&D. Most recently, we are proud to announce we've join the 1% for the Planet family and give 1% of our annual revenue back to the environment.  From day one OGL was born, "Sustainable", "zero-waste", and "plastic-free" are what's in our DNA. We follow the principle of using business as a force for good, as we feel it is our responsibility to give back whatever we can to have a positive impact. Although we're a small business, our impacts might be limited. But we believe small steps add up to big changes, taking chance of this great opportunity, we are able to work with brands like Patagonia, Klean Kanteen and other brand in a commitment to give back 1% of our revenue to the environment.

What is 1% For The Planet

1% for the Planet was started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies. As lovers of the outdoors, they knew they had a responsibility to protect our planet, as do we all, and decided to give 1% of their sales back to the environment. Since then, 1% for the Planet has helped direct hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental nonprofits around the world.

Today, 1% for the Planet is a global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions. There are more than 4,000 members each contributing 1% of their annual revenue to nonprofits doing important work to protect our planet.

How Does 1% For The Planet Work?

1% for the Planet supports a wide variety of non-profit partners that are already working to address some of the most pressing environmental issues. That way, these organizations are empowered to continue to drive on-the-ground change and expand their impact.

1% for the Planet members give directly to these highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations of their own choosing, so each member can choose where they want their impact to go. Contributions go directly to these organizations so that these donations can make the most impact possible.

What Issues Does 1% For The Planet Support?

1% for the Planet is currently focused in six core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. These categories broadly encompass many key issues that 1% for the Planet and its membership organizations support.

How can we get involved?

As a Business

As a business, you can join 1% for the planet as a business member and commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year, whether overall or from a single product line, to the approved nonprofit partners of your choosing. It’s one way to ensure you’re doing something annually to give back.

As an Individual

One thing you can do to support 1% for the planet and the environment is to be a conscious consumer – that means keeping the planet in mind when making purchases. Think about the lifecycle of the items you purchase – where were the products made, what resources went into them, what impacts might their production have had on the environment, and what will happen when these products reach their end of life?

You can also choose to buy from brands who are 1% for the planet members and donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes.