Cool Sensation

Summer is here! Want to stay cool and comfortable in the heat?

Introducing the Icyair® collection, designed with comfort conditioning technology to keep you cool and dry all summer long.

Our lightweight and quick-drying layers cleverly release heat and moisture, adapting to any weather condition.

The smooth, lustrous fabric feels great against your skin, while our DRY functionality ensures maximum comfort and performance throughout the day.

Icyair® T-Shirt

Keep your cool in the heat with the Icyair® T-Shirt. This shirt combines comfort and style, with fibers that wick away sweat and moisture to keep you feeling fresh.

Icyair® Tops

Our Icyair® square neck sleeveless Bra top is perfect for layering or wearing solo. Designed with a built-in bra and a sleek, stylish design, this top is versatile enough to take you from day to night.

Icyair® Sportswear

Stay active and comfortable in our ultra-stretch Icyair® jogger pants and dresses. These are designed to dress up or down, no matter what's on your schedule.

Cool Touch

Enjoy an instant refreshing sensation. The smooth fabric maximizes heat transfer from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.


Instantly absorbs and wicks away sweat. Ultra-fine fibers instantly wick away moisture to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Stretch Fabric

Stretches for a perfect fit. The 2-way stretch expands vertically and horizontally while still retaining its shape.


Helps prevent odor. Icyair® works to absorb, neutralize, and eliminate the sources of odor.

Ultimate Comfort

With Icyair®, you can feel fresh and stay dry no matter what challenges come your way.

We invite you to experience the ultimate comfort with Icyair®. p>