OGL Membership Privilege Program

Our membership system will provide you with various ways to earn rewards and benefits

Please note that all coupons and rewards from OGL Membership Club are exclusively for your personal use and should not be transferred to others.

Membership points

You can use consumption points to directly deduct the order amount, or exchange for discount coupons and physical rewards.

Free shipping

Members exclusively enjoy
free shipping vouchers Regularly send member benefits by mail, Can be redeemed by consumption points.

Birthday gift

Every member will receive a special gift on your birthday.

Growth reward

Upgrade celebrations at each membership stage.

Refer a friend program

Refer a friend to use OGL and earn referral rewards.

Member-exclusive discount

Exclusive discounts, new arrivals, and members' day for members

Spend $1 = Earn 1 point

Follow OGL's official Twitter, FB, and INS accounts to earn a total of 300 points.

Share your favorite OGL
projects on social media
and earn up to 400
points per month.

Upgrade your membership
earn up to 500 points
as a reward.

Complete your profile
Get 300 points reward.

Invite your friends
to experience OGL ,
earn 800 points reward.

Redeem your rewards wisely
with our points exchange system.

100 points = $1

You can use your available points to offset part of the order amount when you check out. Points can only be used to partially offset the order amount.

Coupon code

Points can be redeemed for exclusive coupons and discount codes.

Free Shipping Coupons

Points can be redeemed for professional free shipping vouchers.

Redeem products

Points can be redeemed for OGL products or designated production weeks, which are not fixed exchange items and are offered irregularly.