Three Mother's Day Gift Tips: Simple But Can Make Mom Happy All Day Long

Three Mother's Day Gift Tips: Simple But Can Make Mom Happy All Day Long


Did you know? Mother's Day was officially established in 1914, when then-US President Woodrow Wilson officially announced that the second Sunday of May each year would be Mother's Day. But in fact, before it became an official holiday in ancient Greece and Rome, humans had already celebrated Mother's Day. Speaking of which, Mother's Day in 2024 is May 12th. Are you ready to give your mother a gift?
Some simple and unique gift suggestions for those who don't have any ideas yet:


Helping Mothers Relax



How about preparing a comfortable home spa for your mother? Prepare a set of comfortable and good-looking clothes for your mother, so that she can enjoy a comfortable journey today! Use some ingredients in the kitchen, such as yogurt, cucumber, coconut oil, etc. to make a natural mask to make your mother's skin more moisturized. After washing off the mask, apply a hot towel to specific parts such as eyes, neck, shoulders, etc., which can soothe the skin and muscles and relieve mother's fatigue and tension. Speaking of spa, you must not miss the bath. Add flower petals to the bathtub and add a few drops of essential oils to help your mother relax and feel a sense of comfort and tranquility.


Comfortable and Good-looking New Clothes



We mentioned comfortable and good-looking clothes in the previous article, but in fact, clothes can also be given to mothers as separate gifts. So how to choose? In the coming summer, to choose a comfortable piece of clothing, you must not only consider the touch of the fabric, but also its breathability, antibacterial and other functions. Considering these, clothes with high Tencel or cotton content are preferred, because these two fabrics can provide strong breathability and the ability to inhibit bacterial growth in addition to providing a soft touch. High-quality fabrics can also provide years of wearing time. If you don’t know your mother’s preferences in clothing styles, buy a basic neutral-colored garment!


Cook a Day's Meal for Mothers


Awaken your mother's taste buds with a simple breakfast. For example, fry a simple French toast and pair it with a cup of delicious coffee or juice. Lunch can be a plate of cold pasta salad. Add chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions to the drained cooked pasta and mix with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper salt. Prepare a simple and delicious herb roasted vegetable for dinner! Mix the chopped vegetables with olive oil, dried basil, dried oregano, salt and black pepper, then spread them on a baking sheet, bake in a preheated oven until golden and crispy, and finally sprinkle with fresh herb leaves and serve.


If you can't spend this Mother's Day with your mother, you should also make a phone call or video greeting to let your mother feel our love for her. The L of OGL comes from the word Love. We believe that the world always needs love. Although the world is full of challenges, with the existence of love, the future will be better. On May 12, we hope to express our eternal love for our mother through a carefully prepared gift, so that love and kindness can continue to spread in this world.