Sustainable Tips for Mothers' Day

Sustainable Tips for Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day

It’s that time of year. That day we honor and lavish love and attention on the one person we’ve asked so much in our lives, and has likely shown up for everything  from carrying us 10 months and has given us unconditional support and love all the way. While mother’s day is just around the corner, it’s time to show mom (or aunties, grandma or someone who has raised you including our mother earth!) some serious appreciation on how much you adore her and give back a little of the love she well deserved. 

Whether you’ll be along with her or will check in with her via your cell phone, here are our Eco-friendly mother’s day tips that are sure to put a smile on your mom’s face, but also make this day even more special to mother nature and communities too. 

  • Meal for MOM

After all those delicious meals your mom has prepared for you those years, why not self make a meal to honor your favorite lady. This means a lot by letting her know you’ve grown and be able to take care not only yourself and your mom as well. On top of that, invite the family over for brunch . Seek out organic, natural ingredients and shop for fresh items at your local farmer’s market to keep the meal low on the carbon scale and high on deliciousness.

  • Send her Flowers

Everyone loves flowers, so why not send mom some beautiful flowers along with a Thank You card written with some your appreciations. Flowers are never a bad idea, except when said flowers have to travel long distances to get to your mom, with tons of carbon dioxide emitted in transit. Before you fill out that online flow order form, seek out a company that sustainably sources its blooms. For fresh, eco-friendly ideas, support those participates in carbon offset programs and reduce the pressure for our Mother Nature.

  • Comfortable New Clothes

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While mom would certainly be pleased to receive something special on Mother’s Day. And after all those beautiful and comfortable clothes mom has bought for you all those years, it’s time to pay her back by honoring her some new clothes. Seek out skin friendly and long-lasting products not only brings the ultimate comfort for her, also “long-lasting” memories storing in her closet.

  • Spend your TIME

While we all have a lot of time doing this and that, it makes it extremely to spend your time and celebrate this day with mom, and what most moms simply want is to spend time with their families. What makes it more value than arranging an Eco-date with mom by spend time together hiking, biking, shopping, walking in the beach or even enjoying a night watching movies. Damn sure Mother earth will appreciate your “consume less, value more” attitude. 

While there are a lot more ways to celebrate this meaningful day with our mother, keep in mind that what most of our mother want from us is stay healthy both physically and psychologically, nothing value more other than a healthy you. So take good care of ourselves under COVID-19 and keep mom out of worries. Also keep in mind we share equally responsibilities to Mother Earth as we all are a member of it, reduce our carbon footprint and let Mother Earth share the same joy as to our moms. May all mothers have a Happy Mother’s Day.