A chance to get BEAUTY & SUSTAINABLE

A chance to get BEAUTY & SUSTAINABLE


Ever wondering where to start to be sustainable?


What is Renascence Project?

It’s no surprise that fashion is one of the worst polluting industries and a major driver of climate change. Project Renascence is a set of nature-inspired design principles that were developed. We believe that being burnt or dumped is not the only destination where fabric surpluses should go. Surplus has the ability to return back to people’s hand where it can regenerate into new life. This project draws inspiration from this concept, and sets out a production process where products and materials can cycle in a circular fashion.

In this circular loop, products are designed to stay in use for as long as possible before either biodegrading naturally back to the earth or being fully recycled into high-quality materials for other purposes. This project minimizes waste, harm to the planet and leaves a positive ecological footprint by regenerating resources instead of depleting them.

Behind this project 

When it comes to the Renascence collection, we are honor to have the opportunity to work with the disable groups, and it’s our goal to offer them work opportunities not only in income but also a way to increase their social value. Our products are 100% handmade by disables, they are produce in high quality for comfort and long-last standard. And most importantly, all these pieces can safely go back to the earth once you’re finished loving them.

Story Behind

From fibers to manufacturing processes, there’s a lot to consider, before we go any further, we should keep in mind that the fashion industry is causing so much harm to our planet. Clothes are designed to end up in landfills once we’re done with them. Along the way, natural resources are exhausted and materials can’t be re-used or biodegraded after use. As a result, millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn,and thrown away each year. Our Project Renascence was inspired by this, to minimize our waste to the planet.

The journey of Renascence project began in last year, we’ve managed to turn our fabric surplus into socks and celebrate Christmas with the OGL community. This year, we are looking to do more in further reduce our environmental footprint. This time, we’ve turn our fabric surplus into nice Hair Rings and distribute them as free gift to thank the support of the OGL community along the way.

Creating a More sustainable Future

“Zero Waste”, “Sustainable ” and “Plastic-Free” are whats in our DNA. At OGL,we set high standards for sustainability, from production to daily operation. The Renascence Project and 1% For The Planet provides meaningful opportunities for us to give back to the environment as well as the community. As Earth first is our primarily goal we always kept in mind at everything we do.