OGL Sustainable Denim

OGL Sustainable Denim

Denim pants

Everyone loves a good pair of denim. They are classic, essential, and easy to match with, a reliable piece that will never go wrong in your closet. Jeans are a fashion staple but an environmental headache.

Denim has a huge environmental impact as they require an immense amount of water and energy. Why? Because growing cotton and producing denim is putting a lot of water stress on our planet. The UN estimates that it takes 3,781 liters of water to make a pair of jeans, from the production of the cotton to the delivery of the final product to the store.  

The majority of jeans are dyed with synthetically produced indigo, which is from the dye extracted from the Indigofera plant. However, synthesizing indigo dye requires numerous toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde. Research shows formaldehyde creates an enormous amount of water pollution, which contaminates and kills fish.

The chemical discharge generated by manufacturing and washing denim during production affects the environment tremendously, specifically the water around the garment factory. Toxic chemicals and pollutants were produced from the water used to make denim.

We can’t stop wearing jeans. However, we honor the clothes that are already laying in our closets and use sustainable alternatives in order to reduce our environmental footprint. For instance, recycle worn jeans and re-make them to give them a new purpose, or look for sustainable jean brands and support their sustainable denim. While there are other sustainable women’s jeans out there, we are proud to introduce our patented denim.

 OGL Sustainable Denim

OGL sustainable denim is our eco-friendly denim line that reduces the impact on the environment. We have reconstituted cotton yarn with the natural color indigo, directly woven into our denim without any dyeing process. The result? Each OGL sustainable denim jean reduces 50% cotton consumption, 90% toxic chemical use, and 90% water waste. This process is Global Recycle Standard certified, making OGL sustainable denim a sustainable alternative to traditional denim.

OGL sustainable denim jeans are made to be mixed and matched with anything in your wardrobe. This collection offers the perfect fit and comfort you desired. It’s truly a worthy investment into your everyday style.

At OGL, we believe as a sustainable apparel brand producing sustainable fabric for clothing, transparency is crucial. If there are any questions regarding our materials or anything we can ever do better, please reach us at service@oglmove.com.