Behind a sustainable fashion brand

Behind a sustainable fashion brand

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A lot of people may wonder how we started up as a sustainable fashion brand.

OGL, the product, began with a question: Could we find a better way to be more environmental friendly as a fashion brand, with zero waste and plastic free? OGL, the company, poses another: Can we find a better way to bring a change to global plastic pollution crisis? 

Ever since we started, we are hard at work on answers for both of those questions. We have brought significant growth for OGL over the year, an exciting prospect as we work hard to make our products more environmental friendly in the hands of more people. We are working every day on a mission to help more people in abandon wastes in favor of a natural and sustainable alternative. With growth come challenges, and up until a while ago, OGL was bursting. We’ve grown at a rapid pace, towards a more sustainable fashion brand with less plastic used and eco-friendly fabrics used.


This is not a time without challenges. At OGL, we do everything ourselves, from sourcing and warehousing ingredients to manufacturing to shipping to marketing and sales. We’re growing quickly. Over the year, we have come to a success of develop sustainable materials in order to distribute more environmental friendly products to our customers. 

Our Eco-friendly materials

  • Eco-Mousse™

This is an Ideal outdoor pick for winter, with two surfaces, flat and brushed. Eco-Mousse™ is a fabric made of Dralon acrylic fiber with proven quality. It is Naturally breathable, anti-static & anti pilling combines with a enhanced durability. A four way stretch provides the ultimate comfort experience and also comes with a long-lasting insulation effect. The cashmere-like touch provides an excellent skin experience in terms of softness and comfort.


  • Ecosy™

If you are looking for the most comfortable fabric, this is definitely your pick, it’s a touch from nature. Ecosy™ is a fabric made of Wood-Based cellulosic fiber. Extracted from certified wood sources, it is super soft and smooth, giving a natural feel. It also has an extremely comfortable and breathing effect. An excellent four-way stretch, brings the best comfort. From the sustainable point of view, it is biodegradable, fully achieve “giving back where it is taken”.


  • MiyaMoon™

This is our favorite because it is both stylish and provides the ultimate warmth experience through excellent heat preservation, keeping you cozy in the colder months. MiyaMoon™ is a fabric made of modal and MIYABI fibers. Professionally provide soft touch and sleek just like baby skin. It is soft, smooth, light, warm, and has excellent elasticity, giving all-motion comfort performance, even better than wool.


  • SkinKiss™

SkinKiss™ is the best pick for winter inner out of all, like its name, it brings the ultimate experience of comfort and warmth to your skin. SkinKiss™ is made of Rayon fibers, made from tree and plant pulp. It is cozy but naturally breathable, also brings an ultimate comfort experience, a must have for winter inner.  
We’re proud of what we’ve achieve so far. And we couldn’t be more excited about what’s yet to come. With continuous growth and ongoing development, we look forward to becoming a more zero waste, plastic-free and sustainable fashion brand.